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What is Instant Money?

Instant Money is a mobile money platform brought to you by Standard Bank. You can buy Instant Money vouchers at a wide range of retail shopping partners or online You don’t need a bank account and you don’t need to fill in any forms. All you need is your cellphone.

When you buy an Instant Money voucher, you can choose to link the voucher to your own cell number or load it onto someone else’s phone. Using a secret PIN number that you’ve chosen, they can trade their voucher in for cash anywhere in our cash-out partner network. This feature makes Instant Money an ideal way to send money quickly and safely throughout South Africa.

If you buy vouchers to use yourself, you can buy goods at any of our retail shops.

You no longer need a credit card to buy goods on line – just use Instant Money and your cellphone.

Instant Money is the new and cost-effective way to send, spend or cash out cellphone vouchers.

Benefits of Instant Money

Using Instant Money to send cash to someone else is a good idea because:

  • The person sending the money and the recipient don’t need to have a bank account, they just need a cellphone
  • The transaction is instant, so the recipient doesn’t have to wait for any bank clearance
  • You can send money or cash-in an Instant Money voucher at any of our many cash-out partners
  • Instant Money is backed by Standard Bank, a leading South African bank

Using Instant Money to spend cash yourself is a good idea because:

  • If you have registered your cell phone number for Instant Money, it is free to load
  • Its free to spend
  • It’s safe and secure and means you no longer need to carry cash or credit cards
  • Instant Money vouchers can be used at any of our many shopping partners
  • You no longer have to have a credit card to shop on line


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